13 Key Strategies To Make Money Fast In Business

WITHOUT Ads or A Big Following
This book shares the inspiring stories of 13 successful 
Entrepreneurs from around the world as they share the 
key strategies that they used to make money fast in their 

Each strategy is unique to each author as they take 
you on their journey. You’ll come to see that life isn’t 
just about unicorn and roses.

Behind every success there are untold stories- the challenges, the fear, the 
breakdowns and the miracles. 

Collectively the key strategies are powerful 
methods for anybody to be successful in both business 
and personal. Apply them to your life and you’ll start to 
see changes and transformation. 

The Entrepreneurs are real people just like you 
who has big dreams. They are real people with real 
results- they are not fictional characters. 

What makes them extraordinary are their faith and the actions that 
they took to make the impossible possible. 

We hope you’ll enjoy reading this book as much 
as we have loved sharing our stories with you. 
Miracles happen to ordinary people who makes 
extraordinary choices and actions every day. 

You have what it takes to be successful. You just have to believe 
in yourself and make things happen. 
You and your family deserve the best possible 
future. Go for it, it is yours! 

Stephen Paluszek
Dr Izdihar Jamil
Amanda Rush
Azlin Ishak
Arooj Ashraf
Dr Hanim Romainoor
Ija Juhari
Nikoleta Djordjevic
Dato' Sayed Alfeizal Ahmad and Datin Shomiriza Shomidan
Dr Sawiah Jusoh
Silas J Lees
Tyson Sharpe
Yentti Amir

Stephen Paluszek

Stephen Paluszek is a Real Estate Productivity Coach from Huntington Beach, California. He helps his clients input a proven system and help improve their sales skills so they can go from uncertainty and doubt to scaling to 6 Figures and beyond!

If you're interested in taking your R.E. business to the next level then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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